Site Marketing: Who Are My Marketers?

Websites are at the core of business enterprises, encompassing each model and core value in one singular cell. Most web designers believe that after building the website, customers, visitors, and advertisers will appear automatically. However, adding a marketing team is crucial to the success of company websites. Clients need to know that your company has a web presence so they can interact with the site and get to know your company. So, where should you start? Begin by identifying and developing a site and company marketing team that will support your endeavors.

To answer the original question of who your marketers are, they can be anyone and everyone who talks about, emails, promotes, or equates success to your site. Commonly referred to as connectors, these individuals connect your site to the users or the market through many different avenues (e.g., social media, word of mouth, etc.). The more users identify with your brand, site, or marketers, the more success you will see in your company. Having a specific marketing strategy will show growth in client numbers, build credibility for your company, and get more people talking about the greatness of your product or service.

The importance of having a marketing team lies in how your company is showcased “after launch.” If you’re looking for help in this area, we can show your team how to utilize affordable solutions for specific page and site advertisement, tool development and deployment, media, and link building with credible sources. Building a successful marketing model of business websites relies on a few key questions:

  1. Does your marketing team have a documented, strategic plan?

  2. Is your marketing team aware of any changes to the website?

  3. Is your marketing team collecting user data to know what users are looking for?

  4. Does your marketing plan cover the 4 Cs and the 4 Ps?

  5. Does everyone know your elevator pitch, rehearsed, and ready to go?

In the coming months, we’ll dive into how to prepare your team for the marketing success you seek. Keep a look out for other marketing strategy posts about link building and having one voice in your marketing plan.

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