Web Development

From technical functions and usability to graphic design and branding, we offer a comprehensive array of services customized to suit your needs.

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In layman’s terms, the technical functionality of a website is the interaction between the site and the site visitor, addressing the site’s purpose. We work to ensure that elements of functional design (i.e., blogs, forums, flash or audio, e-commerce) include a consistent display and optimization across different browsers and platforms (i.e., computers, tablets, and mobile devices).
Usability refers to the ease of your users’ interactions with your website. Users should be able to comfortably navigate your website to access the information or tools that they need. Another important element of web usability is ensuring the site’s technical functionality. Our designers can build an online contact us form or chat for easy visitor interaction and follow the latest developments and best practices in usability to ensure that your site is structured in a logical and engaging way that is appropriate for your targeted audience.
Your website should be an extension of your vision, and we take great care to ensure that your site is consistent with your company’s brand and image. Because people often visit your website to learn more about your business, we feel that it’s important to highlight your mission, strengths, and what sets you apart from competitors.
Graphic designers have a particular role of building solid designs and executing brand strategies on websites. The graphics on your site should complement your content and enhance your company’s professional image. Our skilled designers will create a visual map using graphics, pages, layouts, and interactive pieces for your website. We strive for the balance between distinctiveness and consistency in selecting and creating graphics that correspond with your company’s brand and mission.
A content management system (CMS) is software that houses the content of your website, whether it be text, photos, videos, music, or more. We create your site with a CMS so that your site can be easily maintained even by those with little to no technical skill. We also incorporate open-source software (OSS), which means that each element that we use on your site allows modification in its licensing so that your site is perfectly unique to you.
Your web dashboard of data should be easy to use, and should display in a clean layout.  Our web designers will work with you on designing a website dashboard that is easy to use by your admin and has a simple visual display of your data, view a sample here. By focusing more on your content and the features of the dashboard your reader experience will be improved. Hover details and data snippets will help to keep your dashboards simple. What are some of the metrics you want to see in your dashboard display?
We can build single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications using MEAN stacks, which have robust features allowing you to create, read, update,and delete records in a user-friendly interface. It can be a contact management application, a property management application, a marketing survey application, or just anything you want.

Site Maintenance

Keep your site functioning at peak performance by leaving the maintenance to us. Services include regular updates, site backup, and analytics.

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The dynamic nature of technology requires websites to adapt to the latest platforms, browsers, and applications. Let us ensure that the software that comprises your site continues to fuction properly and evolve long after launch.
The most important maintenance function for your website is performing regular site backups. Backing up your site regularly provides you with a reliable safety net (essentially a snapshot of all your important components needed for site regulation), just in case anything goes wrong with your site from a flawed software update to hacking. Examples of such components include: website code files, databases, images, add-ons, or plugins used on your website. We will help you determine how often your particular site should be backed up and then regularly back it up for you so that you can keep your peace of mind.
Websites that are updated frequently with fresh content are crawled by search engines more often. Your users are also more likely to return to your website if it provides them with new information each time they visit. Let us assist you with creating new image-centric content or text-based content for your site to keep it up-to-date and encourage users to return whether they are using their PC, tablet or mobile device.
Collecting and analyzing data about your site and its users are two key components in determining whether your site is successfully fulfilling its purpose. We’re happy to assist by managing your website’s analytics, setting goals, performing A/B testing, assessing outcomes and more.
If your website allows users to author text in any capacity, from forum posts to blog comments, you’ll want to monitor your site for any inappropriate content. We’ll moderate your user-generated content to ensure that all text, images, or videos meet your site guidelines.
Website copywriting and editing are one of the most important aspects of your website. The best copywriters you’ll find will speak directly to your website reader. Let our writers provide you with copy that is consistent with your brand, your voice and speaks directly to your reader. The copywriter will bring you SEOed traffic, and provide content for display that gets your readers attention. Let us market the content to your readers, and add more reach to your website.

Web Marketing

Social outreach is arguably one of the most effective marketing strategies today. We can help you with that plus email marketing, SEO, and more.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses several web marketing strategies that will help improve your ranking in search engine results. We stay on top of the latest SEO trends and algorithm updates so that you don’t have to. Through content strategy, quality link building, social media and social bookmarking, and more. We will optimize your site so that you reach your targeted audience and increase your visibility.
Content marketing involves the creation of high-quality editorial content across a variety of channels, including social media. We can help you develop an effective content writing and marketing strategy that will engage your targeted audience by providing users with the information they crave in a way that is consistent with your brand.
Sometimes called “link earning,” link building is a popular SEO tactic that involves the practice of acquiring inbound links from high-quality, relevant websites. We believe that it’s not about buying links in bulk or creating links with outdated, spammy practices; it’s more about fostering relationships with other sites that target a similar audience. Let us employ our fresh and innovative practices to help your site identify the appropriate inbound, reciprocal, and outbound links.
Social media marketing is to the process of gaining website traffic through social media channels. Therefore, your website and social media accounts go hand-in-hand, working together towards the ultimate goal of “click ability.” We know that the purpose of social media marketing is to direct folks to your website and develop leads that turn strangers into consumers. We can help keep your web marketing efforts tightly focused on what’s actually important to you: acquiring customers for your business.
People are inundated with emails all day. With email filters becoming more stringent, how can you be sure that your mailing even makes it to your recipients’ inbox? Let us assist you with that. We follow the latest and best practices to help your transactional, reminder, and marketing emails stay out of “spam” and reach your targeted audience with the right content at the right time.

I could not be happier with the functionality of our site, . Our site is quite multifaceted, encompassing a forum, media pin board, blogs and more. Divergent Web Solutions has ensured that each feature is both easy to navigate and works seamlessly for the user. They offer both innovation and professionalism. Their staff is truly a pleasure to work with and could not be any more supportive with our venture. I could not be more thankful for all that they have done! Thank you, Divergent Web Solutions!



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We’ve developed a program to help 501©(3) organizations through our many website consulting services. Including, but not limited to website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media support, content writing, content marketing, email marketing, graphic/logo design, brochures, infographics, and web maintenance.

If your organization has obtained a 501©(3) status and you might be interested in any of our web design and/or marketing services, please apply for our program. We evaluate each request on a case by case basis for either pro-bono or at- cost consideration. For consideration, please email us directly to In your inquiry, be sure to include any project requirements, deadlines, and needs so we can access our team, resources and schedules accordingly.

We look forward to supporting your goals!


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