Top 5 Branding Essentials for Your Website

The act of branding is an old concept. When first hearing the word branding, you might think of a very hot piece of metal burning a mark into stock animals, but you also might think of an icon to identify the animal’s owner. Website branding is similar; however, it’s much more in depth than just an icon. When branding your website, these are the top 5 branding items to consider:

1. Colors

Only choose 3–5 colors that will be used on your website for the user to quickly associate your choice of branding colors. Then, use these hues in your logo creation, business cards, marketing flyers, infographics, and any material that you create for your website and business.

2. Logo

Your company will need a logo that is versatile and replicates your brand and users. Think about your business or website in five words, and create a logo based on those words and the colors you chose to represent your brand. The words you choose and the company’s logo can also help you create your mission statement.

3. Fonts

Know your typeface families (e.g., Geometric, Humanist, Old Style, Transitional, Modern, and Slab Serif). Always consider the legibility and readability of what is chosen. Also, consider the many different headings on your site map because you may decide you need to create a distinction in your headings and content.

4. Voice

What is the voice of your brand? Is your voice casual, professional, or informative? Do you want your written content to come across as personal, resourceful, or sales-y? Whatever your voice or tone, make that voice a consistent language in all content, from websites and advertisements, to social media and newsletters.

5. Image

Create a strong visual identity. Have each image in all online content conform to the voice, font, logo, and colors of your site. Your images should mirror the voice of the website content. Embrace each image as if it is a piece to a picture book that, if placed in the correct order, would tell a story directly to your audience.

The power of your brand represents your direct relationship with your customer or user. The voice of your brand tells your story. The images display your passion. The logo identifies you globally. The fonts and colors you choose will set you apart from your competitors. Make your brand unique and simple, and make it your priority.

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