How to Spark a Social Media Marketing Campaign

Social media has obviously become one of the best ways to not only market your business, website and showcase your products and services but to also interact with current and potential customers and other industry related companies. Interacting with customers is crucial in getting people to talk about your company and to help spread word of mouth about your brand. The following tips share how newcomers to social media can learn, and how veterans can refresh themselves, about the importance of having social media presence and utilizing an infinite network.

Have a Team

First off, it’s best to have a group of people on your marketing team who you think are the best and brightest in the world of social media. Positions to make up this team can include social media strategists, analysts, developers, etc. While creating your team, the following skills and characteristics are extremely important to find in some or all of your team members:

  • Passion for social media and, most of all, your company

  • Participation and experience in multiple social media platforms

  • Enthusiasm for meeting, conversing with, and networking with new people

  • Knowledge of content management strategies

  • Capability to handle multiple projects simultaneously

  • Creativity and strength in written communication online

  • Ability to analyze social media performance and make changes accordingly

  • Knowledge in the fast-paced and ever-changing social media industry

For larger companies, this type of team is better made up of multiple people, but smaller companies can sometimes employ one person to take care of necessary social media duties.

Have a Plan (and visit it often)

It’s dangerous to begin any long-time journey or new endeavor without a plan, and this includes social media. It’s understandable to want to get your name out there and fast, but spending ample time with your new team is essential so they can understand their roles, responsibilities, and schedules before going live on social media. Their plan can include a calendar of important dates, archives of social media posts, categories of post types, schedules of video and image uploads, etc.

Then, spend time with your team in not only getting to know them (if they’re new to the company), but also, tell them about your company and your story and mission statement. Give them a voice and personality to use on social media platforms. After all, they’re representing your company through some of the most popular online outlets, so make sure they know what’s expected of them.

Additionally, it’s not enough to simply have a plan. You and/or your social media team should regularly check in and make sure that they are still on the right track and following what everyone developed in the plan originally. Sometimes, social media plans need to be adapted and modified to unforeseen changes in the team or industry, which is completely normal. Just make sure everyone is on board and continuing to implement the company’s social media strategy.

Developing a team and having a plan in place before starting to present your company on social media sites is vital to the success of your company and your company’s website. Invest in your social media effort, and it will certainly benefit you and your company in the long run. Let us know how we can help as you either begin or continue working on your social media strategies.

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