Content Creation: Why Hire a Content Writer?

You’ve heard this before from a content writer or content specialist: “If you can think it, we can write it.” That’s true, but today, the terminology should instead be, “If you can think it, we can create it.” Website content is heading in a direction we are all interested in: less words, and more videos and images. Let’s identify the current types of content:

As shown, your website language is the branding that determines the rest of your content outreach. Content from SEO material, social media, press releases and white papers, blogs and forums, and emails and newsletters filters out to the public with the rest of the meta tags (meta data), terms and policies, and FAQs from your website.

Given the array of content creation, content management, and content knowledge needed for a successful website, why would you want to spend hundreds of hours a month on writing your own content? Writing your own content is not worth your time because you are not the content expert. We suggest hiring a content writer for the following reasons:

Content Writing is Not Easy

The goal is to get your website and marketing content to come up in web and keyword searches. You also want the ranking of your blog or white paper to be high and for users to seek your information or specific media. Thinking about all of these things while trying to write with correct language, solid content, and relevant information can be difficult for people who aren’t trained in the field. Let an expert keep up with the SEO techniques, create quality content, and keep up with the algorithms.

The Algorithm Changes Often

Content writers should be keenly aware of changes that Google, Bing, or other search engines make in content avenues such as social media and newsletters. These changes can include keyword phrases, page ranks, and other pieces that, again, you may not have been trained to examine and implement. Hiring one or a team of content writers will relieve you of learning and training yourself in algorithm changes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Necessary

A SEO specialist, a specific type of content writer, can optimize the language on your site, including the titles, headers, and content and can link to other locations of content on the website. Key terms and phrases that are relevant to your branding should be present for your user base to find you, and these specialized tools and techniques from SEO specialists will increase your search rank, improve your site quality, and increase your traffic.

Strategic Planning for Content Management Takes Time

Content marketing agencies have contacts in the media and analytic tools to help you create content strategies and to keep your content current. These agencies normally have web designers, content strategists, graphic artists, content writers, project managers, and all the resources you need to succeed.

If you still need help finding content writers, or you’re not sure if a content writer would truly benefit your company, let us know how we can help get you started.

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