Portfolio – SkyIntrests

Organization: Sky Interest

Launch Date: February 2017

Organization's Goal:

A website that was maintained to display property available for lease in the Dallas Ft. Worth area in a clean and clear way. Create some tenant centered activities and to reach more through referral. To clean up SEO and reach more potential tenants.

Role of Divergent Web Solutions:

One of Sky Investment’s goals was to focus more on their tenants in 2016 and onward. DWS helped create a tenant centric website, along with allowing specific users to register by property and to log into a tenant portal in order to pay their rent, view their property calendar, request maintenance for their specific suite. The website is a display of their available property, DWS created and implemented a live database to keep all property data and rental availability up to date as possible. DWS’ social team creates their real estate blogs and helps to maintain their social presence.