Portfolio – PhDStudent

Organization: PhDStudent

Launch Date: October 2014

Organization's Goal:

PhDStudent Organization: PhDStudent Website: http://www.phdstudent.com Launch Date: October 2014 Organization's Goal: An online community targeted towards academics, ranging from faculty to PhD students to graduate students and undergrads. The site should include a forum, articles, blogs, a social media network, and organizational tools and assessments to assist users in their graduate school journey.

Role of Divergent Web Solutions:

PhDStudent required many different technical requirements in order for the site to carry out its intended functions. We handled every aspect of the site from graphic design and branding tho content creation and site backup, all the way through social media marketing and link building. We continue to maintain the site and social media accounts, starting from scratch and building a Twitter following of nearly 4,000 users to date (without the use of bots or "fake" Twitter followers).

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